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Frequently Asked Questions

Who helps my child sign up for activities, meals, trips to mall, grocery shopping?

Resident, family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers.  At Noah’s Landing, residents can obtain a calendar at the front desk and highlight the activities they wish to attend. Residents register for activities by the day, week, or month. Front desk staff make a copy of the highlighted calendar for the resident and then enter their selections into a computer spreadsheet of activities for staff/volunteer use.  A daily list of activities / attendees is displayed on our community board.

Is my child required to sign up for activities at Noah’s Landing and are they penalized if they do not attend once signed up?

We ask residents to sign up for all activities, even the ones here, for two reasons. #1 it keeps continuity especially for residents who need the same protocols and routines in place. #2 it gives our leaders a heads up for supplies and or snacks. A “no show policy” exists for activities with transportation.  Strikes 1, 2 and 3 are written warnings.  Strike 4 is a 7 day suspension from transportation and Strike 5 is a 30 day suspension from transportation.  The policy is applied on a one month rolling calendar.

How do new activities get added to the Noah’s Ark calendar?

Currently our resident and member calendars are full.  If you would like a new activity to be considered, please contact our Activity & Volunteer Director – with details of the event, approximate cost, number of open places and volunteer requirements.

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