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Housing Cost

General Requirements –

Direct Support Services (needed to assist residents with their daily living needs) ARE NOT PROVIDED BY THE VILLAGES AT NOAH’S LANDING AND THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE RENT.

Applicants should expect to provide an Assessment of Needs (completed by a third-party professional) that clearly defines the type and intensity of support services required by the individual.  An easy way to provide such an Assessment of Needs is for an applicant with and intellectual/developmental disability to apply for Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver services through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).  The contact number for the Central Region Office for the APD is (407) 245-0440, x-640.

Your application for Waiver services will create an intake file and trigger the completion of a Questionnaire of Situational Information which is the APD’s Assessment of Needs tool.

Families must be able to demonstrate how the support needs of the future resident will be provided (i.e. Med-Waiver services, CDC+, private pay (fee-for-services), special-needs trust, or other family supports).  Parent’s income is not taken into consideration, only the resident’s income which is assumed to by a minimum of the current SSI rate ($733/month) plus any employment income.  Food stamps are not included in the rent calculations.

Written verification of income is required before a prospective resident can be approved for residency.

The Villages at Noah’s Landing –

Rents at The Villages at Noah’s Landing are determined by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program guidelines and range $276/month – $709month depending on the size and unit style. IRO = Individual Room Occupancy and Non-IRO = Standard Rental Contract that allows up to 4 individuals to occupy the unit, based on combined income qualifications.   Rents for Noah’s Nest properties are 35% of resident’s income plus around $130 for utilities, cable/internet/security system etc – a security deposit is required at signing.

Noah’s Nest Community –

Residents who live at Noah’s Nest currently pay 35% of their income plus around $130 for utilities, cable, internet, security system – a $150 security deposit  is required at signing.


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