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Lakeland Harley-Davidson supports Noah’s Ark

The wonderful folks at Lakeland Harley-Davidson have worked with a number of different charities to help raise awareness and donations.  This year, starting June 2017, they have decided to support a local nonprofit organization and have chosen Noah’s Ark to benefit from their year long fundraising campaign.  John Sulser, Marketing Director, Rider Services reached out and invited us to take along a number of our residents for the Harley-Davidson Luao.  We had a wonderful time and everyone was so welcoming.  We look forward to planning some future events with our new friends…

Here is John Sulser,  with Amy & Sandi Rothman, Susan & Adam Harding, Sarah Grigowski, Philip & Lauren Gossen, Margaret & Jared McNutt.  Alan and Adam Harding check out a new ride!!!



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