Noah's Ark of Central Florida

Empowering people who have developmental disabilities to live, laugh and love

Membership Application & Committee Contacts

Noah’s Ark is a membership organization.   The annual fee is $35.00 per individual and is due by the end of January of each year.

Membership Fee

We encourage members to participate in one of our committees and to have their loved one engage in some of the activities




Activities Committee – plans and facilitates activities and special events

Chair – Diane Mills –

Fundraising Committee – raising funds to support the efforts of Noah’s Ark

Chair – Jon Flint –

Community Garden Committee – shows residents how to plant a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers in raised bed containers (Earth Boxes)

Chair – Margaret McNutt

Operations & Development Committee – overseeing the development of The Villages at Noah’s Landing and other related projects

Chair – William Sammons

Parent Support Group – provides a compassionate, common sense source of support and education to parents and caregivers of Noah’s Ark residents

Chair – Susan Harding

Applicant Screening Committee –  reviews new resident applications & family interviews

Chair – Lauren Gossen

No current vacancies



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