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Orientation Day – August 22nd 2015

Our Noah’s Ark Orientation Day was well attended and an occasion of much laughter, love and information for future residents of The Villages at Noah’s Landing.

Orientation Jack Orientation Jack 2

Orientation Phil







President, Phil Gossen, opened our meeting and then Executive Director, Jack Kosik, brought newcomers up to speed with the history of our organisation and plans for our new community.  We watched a video taken at the site that morning so that we could see the progress being made on the construction.  Jack answered many questions from the parents and caregivers of future residents and speakers Gerald Hemness and Jimmy Nelson provided us with information on Guardianship and Financial Planning.

Orientation Aug 2015 -Nelson
Orientation Aug 2015 -Hemness Orientation Aug 2015 -Greeters





Future residents enjoyed a day with our current “nesters”  to get a taste of the friendship and family that exists within our current community.


Residents 8 Residents 7 Residents 6 Residents 5 Residents 4 Residents 3 Residents 2 Residents 1









Residents 9






With so many thanks to our fantastic family of volunteers…

Volunteer 11
Volunteer 10Volunteer 9Volunteer 3Volunteer 5Volunteer 6
Volunteer 8
Volunteer 2





Volunteer 13



Volunteer 1 Volunteer 14

Volunteer 21 Volunteer 22 Volunteer 23 Volunteer 26 Volunteer 28

















More events are planned so watch out for future email blasts!!

If you are a family member or caregiver of an individual who is intellectually or developmentally disabled and would like to know if our planned community is a good fit, please fill out our survey or contact our office for further information.

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