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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noah’s Landing?

Noah’s Landing is a comfortable, residential community providing adults with developmental disabilities access to opportunities that support an independent lifestyle.  The community is a neighborhood of single story duplexes, two story apartments and single family homes.  It is designed to help residents thrive in their community through ease of access to employment, health care, transportation, entertainment and services.

What is Noah’s Nest?

Noah’s Nest is an “in-town” initiative comprising a number of homes providing adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities access to opportunities that support an independent lifestyle.

Is there a wait list?

We are currently at capacity.   Applications are being accepted and placed on the wait-list.

Are the communities handicap-accessible?

At Noah’s Landing, every unit meets the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) standards for accessibility, as well as the community center, recreational facilities and sidewalks connecting and surrounding the community.  The community has been constructed to allow all adults with disabilities to reside safely in an apartment without supervision and enable safe and independent evacuation in case of emergency.  The Noah’s Nest homes are designed to be handicapped-friendly (with the exception of our two story apartment).

Can someone with behavioral challenges live at Noah’s Landing or Noah’s Nest?

Individuals diagnosed with and have a documented development disability are eligible to live at Noah’s Landing and Noah’s Nest.  Due to their independent nature, Noah’s Landing and Noah’s Nest are not appropriate settings for individuals with behavioral challenges.

How much will it cost to live at Noah’s Landing or Noah’s Nest?

Noah’s Landing is an affordable housing community offering single one bedroom units in addition to two, three and four bedroom shared units.  Rent is set by federal standards and range $276 – $709 depending on the size and unit style. IRO = Individual Room Occupancy and Non-IRO = Standard Rental Contract that allows up to 4 individuals to occupy the unit, based on combined income qualifications – a $150 security deposit is required at signing.   Rents for Noah’s Nest properties are 35% of resident’s income plus around $130 for utilities, cable/internet/security system etc – a $150 security deposit is required at signing.

Are utilities included in the rent?

Power, water and phone expenses are included in the rent for Noah’s Landing.  Water and phone expenses are included in the rent for Noah’s Nest.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, Noah’s Ark offers a Lifestyle Enrichment program for Noah’s Landing residents providing them with access to coordinated activities, supervised special events, activities and training, transportation to Noah’s Ark off-site activities and events, places of worship, shopping shuttle, medical appointments within a 6 mile radius – cost is $235 per month plus $40 per month for internet, cable, security system.  A Lifestyle Lite program is available to Noah’s Nest residents that do not live at Noah’s Landing.

Are there qualifications that residents must meet?

Yes, Noah’s Landing is an affordable housing community for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.  Applicant must meet the criteria for both intellectual and or physical disability plus low income.   Noah’s Nest applicants must meet the criteria for both intellectual and or physical disability plus low income

In addition, individuals must be able to reside safely in the accommodations, independently identify and respond in case of fire, medical emergency or unlawful entrance and enable independent evacuation in case of any emergency.

Does Noah’s Ark provide support services?

No; support services are not provided by Noah’s Ark

Can a resident receive support services from my current provider?

Yes, residents at Noah’s Landing and Noah’s Nest can receive support services from off-site service providers.

Is there 24-hour supervision?

No.  24-hour supervision is not provided to individuals although residents of  the Noah’s Landing community are able to contact one of three resident advisers who live onsite.

Are there activities at Noah’s Landing?

Yes, our Lifestyle Enrichment program provides a full calendar of activities that residents can attend such as cookery class, crafts, bingo, yoga, movie night, bowling, basketball, volunteering at Wings of Eagles.  Take a look at our monthly calendar for more information…

Can a resident have visitors?

Noah’s Landing and Noah’s Nest are independent living communities.  Noah’s Nest residents may have guest/family members stay over within their room for up to 2 days by prior arrangement.  Residents at Noah’s Landing may have guests stay for up to 2 days, there is no need for “prior arrangements”.  For IRO units, the guest must sleep in the bedroom of the resident who invited them.

Does staff check on a resident?

Noah’s Landing and Noah’s Nest offer independent living accommodation.  Office staff do not check to see if residents are up or in their apartment morning and/or evening

Who is responsible for the day to day oversight of a resident?

Family, friends, caregivers, support services are responsible for insuring the resident has groceries, funds, getting to and from doctor appointments, registered for activities and meals etc.

Can a resident have a car?

Yes, some of our residents have cars

My child does not have a car, how do they get around?

Residents can sign up with Citrus Connection Paratransit Service  – a special program providing subsidized or reduced price bus passes.  Citrus Connection Paratransi provides door-to-door service to physically, mentally, emotionally or economically disadvantaged individuals.

How are the chores in each apartment allocated? 

It is the responsibility of the families within each apartment to determine how chores such as cleaning communal areas, trash removal, laundry etc. are handled by the residents

Is the lease automatically renewed?

No, the resident’s lease is reviewed and renewed annually.

Is there a meal option?

Evening meals are available at an additional cost Monday through Friday at Noah’s Landing.  A menu is released at the beginning of each month.  The resident may choose to reserve a day, week or month ahead and make payment at the time of booking the reservation.  A resident has up to 2.00 pm each day to make their menu selection and payment.  Meals are not available for Noah’s Nest residents at this time.

Who provides my child with day to day supports?

Family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers

Who provides my child with help integrating into independent living?

Family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers

Who takes my child to their doctor, dentist, etc?

Resident, family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers.   For Noah’s Landing residents our Lifestyle Enrichment Fee includes six transportation rides (round-trip) each month.  Complete a “request for transport” form including the caregiver’s name and give into front desk staff.  Your child must be able to see their physician independently or bring along their service provider.

Who helps my child clean their apartment and prepare meals?

Resident, family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers.

Who helps my child sign up for activities, meals, trips to mall, grocery shopping?

Resident, family, friends, caregivers and/or support providers.  At Noah’s Landing, residents can obtain a calendar at the front desk and highlight the activities they wish to attend. Residents register for activities by the day, week, or month. Front desk staff make a copy of the highlighted calendar for the resident and then enter their selections into a computer spreadsheet of activities for staff/volunteer use.  A daily list of activities / attendees is displayed on our community board.

Is my child required to sign up for activities at Noah’s Landing and are they penalized if they do not attend once signed up?

We ask residents to sign up for all activities, even the ones here, for two reasons. #1 it keeps continuity especially for residents who need the same protocols and routines in place. #2 it gives our leaders a heads up for supplies and or snacks. A “no show policy” exists for activities with transportation.  Strikes 1, 2 and 3 are written warnings.  Strike 4 is a 7 day suspension from transportation and Strike 5 is a 30 day suspension from transportation.  The policy is applied on a one month rolling calendar.

How do I help my child transition to independent living?

Get involved.  Depending on whether your child has lived away from home previously or if this is their first opportunity to experience independent living – plan to visit your child regularly to assist in their transition.  Help them integrate with their roommates, teach them how to handle their share of chores, teach them how to prepare a basic meal.

Our experience is that a resident’s success directly relates to the amount of time and support their family provides.

The Noah’s Ark communities provide the opportunity for individuals to transition to independent living with the full support and day-to-day involvement of their families, friends, caregivers and supports.



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