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How to Apply


Step 1. Complete the Online Survey – This is a requirement for the first step of the application process.  This survey gives our organization a brief “snapshot” of an individual’s strengths, potential needs, and their interests.  Once you have submitted a completed survey, you will be contacted by phone in order to answer any questions you may have and to arrange for a tour.  Click the following link to complete the survey:

Step 2. Take a Tour – Once you have your questions answered and you feel like Noah’s Ark may offer you a good choice of lifestyles and quality of life, the next step is to arrange for a tour our our communities.  This is where it all comes together.  You will be able to meet some of our current residents and possibly some of our families that are dropping in for a visit.  You will discover how Noah’s Ark facilitates the use of “natural supports” between families.  Request a Tour

Step 3. Apply – Once you have toured, you’ll know pretty much whether or not the lifestyle offerings at Noah’s Ark will meet your personal goals and dreams.  If they do, you will need to download and complete the Housing Application Form .  This is NOT an online, fill-in-the-blanks form.  You will have to print a hard copy and mail it, along with a $35 application fee, to Noah’s Ark  (P.O. Box 92221, Lakeland, FL)

Your Housing Application will be reviewed by a Noah’s Ark staff person and you will be contacted to arrange for an interview with our Applicant Screening Committee.

Step 4. Become a Member – We are a membership organization and require all our residents and families to be members.  Membership entitles families and individuals to regular email updates, access to a number of our activities, discounts on certain “special events” and the opportunity to meet and engage with some really great families that have common concerns,

Step 5. Get Engaged – Noah’s Ark is NOT your typical organization, agency, of facility.  Much of its success is due to requiring families (and extended families) to continue to be actively engaged in their loved lives as well as their roommates (you become part of the Noah’s Ark family).  Participating in activities will also provide you with the opportunity to get to know some of our current residents and their families.


General Comment – There is a HUGE demand for quality supported-housing.  So, if you are sincerely interested in becoming a resident of one of the Noah’s Ark communities, it would be a really good idea to make this a priority.




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