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The Villages at Noah’s Landing opened its doors to residents in mid 2016.  It is an awesome, pedestrian-oriented lifestyle community that features unique apartment-styled one, two, three and four bedroom homes with an education, arts, and training center, daily activities, walk-in pool, walking trails, and an optional dining room.

Residents of Noah’s Landing are mostly individuals who are intellectually disabled. These individuals, sometimes referred to as “developmentally disabled”, have the same basic needs and wants as their non-disabled peers, but they typically process their thoughts and express their needs differently or at a much slower speed.

Noah’s Landing has been designed very much like a retirement community offering a wide selection of social, recreational, educational and vocational choices for residents, their caregivers, and their families.

Because most of the residents who have an intellectual disability will not drive a car (estimated 95% will not drive), the community is uniquely designed to be “pedestrian-oriented” with the roadway system primarily located around the periphery of the housing clusters.

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Noah’s Landing  features cozy neighborhoods with homes clustered in such a way that they face lush greenbelt areas.  The homes have front porches that face a landscaped and meandering pathway system with benches for visiting with friends and neighbors.  The pathway system is connected throughout the community and has been designed in such a manner to encourage walking, jogging and bicycling for exercise and to facilitate socialization.

Noah’s Landing offers an array of home styles from which a resident can choose…a blend of apartments, villas, duplexes, and single family homes carefully mixed to form a unique “community”.

Noah’s Landing is intended to be a lifelong residential community so, in time, as our residents grow older and their personal care needs are elevated, we hope to provide supports for a resident’s changing needs.

Noah’s Education, Arts, and Training Center (NEAT Center) is designed to address the many diverse needs and interests of residents and to offer frequent social, recreational, vocational and educational opportunities.

Although each residence will have its own kitchen, the NEAT Center features a central dining room so that our residents can choose to dine with their friends and neighbors and to share their day’s activities. There will also be a high-tech game room with computers, space for meetings, special events, a stage, and activities.

The NEAT Center construction has been “hardened” to meet or exceed emergency evacuation shelter building specifications so to provide residents with a safe place to be during “an event”.

The master plan and its component parts are designed to facilitate a sustainable community that is in harmony with nature to the maximum extent practical.

We expect that a large percentage of our residents will be able to contribute to the greater community, either through volunteer efforts or employment. Potential employment opportunities may include, working in the kitchen/dining room, agriculturally based projects (like a wholesale landscape nursery), a farm yard, or a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative.  We anticipate a large percentage of the harvest from the Community Garden will be consumed by our residents while the remainder may be sold or donated to needy individuals within the greater community.

Another potential employment opportunity will be a Resale or Thrift Store within the greater community. This type of venture has proven to be very successful while giving our participants an opportunity to engage directly in the greater community.  Also being considered is a fish farming operation, whereby some of our residents can help feed and care for the fish while they are being readied for market or prepared in the NEAT Center kitchen.

Close attention will be paid to the type of employment opportunities so that the jobs created are not time sensitive (sixty seconds through the drive-thru, etc.) and are more flexible and adaptable to a slower-paced workforce.

The western portion of the property will be primarily used for career education and recreation areas. There will be a boat dock on Lake Crago with a screened pavilion nearby.  A recreation area with features like a kickball field, soccer field and a small camping area will be developed along with a nature trail through the wooded area.  All of this is part of our lifelong learning experiences.

Our vision is that  Noah’s Landing will provide a small community atmosphere for our residents.  It will provide a transitional “stepping-stone” for individuals whose goal is to live and/or work within the greater community. We will also offer a more permanent residential setting for individuals who choose to live in an “old-fashioned” community lifestyle.

One noteworthy measure of success for The Villages at Noah’s Landing is that individuals have realistic choices and the opportunity to decide where they want to live, to work and to play.

We believe The Villages at Noah’s Landing has a great potential to become a national model that can be replicated to provide lifestyle choices never thought possible.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information on Noah’s Landing.

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