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7 Online Down Syndrome Resources for Parents and Caregivers

7 Online Down Syndrome Resources for Parents and Caregivers

While raising any child has its challenges, parenting a kid with Down syndrome comes with some unique ones. Being well informed and tapping into support networks are so important to providing the best care, and for keeping up with self-care as a caregiver. Get acquainted with some of the many reliable Down syndrome resources for parents and other caregivers. To help, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to start.

Helpful Down Syndrome Resources for Parents

  1. National Down Syndrome Congress – NDSC, the oldest organization in the US for people whose lives are affected by this condition, has extensive educational, outreach, resources, advocacy, support, and other information on its website.
  1. National Down Syndrome Society – NDSS shares educational materials, personal stories, advocacy information, and more. You can also search for local support groups.
  1. National Association for Down Syndrome – NADS has lots of educational material, and even breaks it up by life-stage demographics like expecting parents, new parents, parents of teens, grandparents, and more. Find local workshops, other events, and support groups here, too.
  1. Down Syndrome Resource Foundation – DSRF publishes plenty of educational material, and it also offers classes, programs, and other services to help empower kids and adults with Down syndrome to increase their independence and reach their full potential.
  1. The Arc – With over 700 local chapters, this is the largest national community-based advocacy and educational organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Local chapters provide a wide range of direct services and support.
  1. Band of Angels – The Band of Angels website is a good place to find information, inspiration, and parent support groups in your area.
  1. Kids with Down Syndrome – Use this Facebook page to see and share photos, interact with other parents and caregivers, and connect with the Down syndrome community.

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