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Assigning Household Chores for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Assigning Household Chores for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Finding chores around the home for your child is so important. Of course, you need to take into account your son or daughter’s abilities and developmental age to find appropriate tasks, but every parent should be able to come up with some jobs that can be performed on a schedule or when the need arises.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to come up with chores for children with developmental disabilities, and explore some practical ideas for doing so.

Benefits of Chores for Children with Developmental Disabilities

There’s a long list of compelling reasons to assign household jobs to kids with developmental disabilities. For just some examples, giving your child these regular tasks:

  • Teaches basic life skills
  • Teaches about schedules
  • Enhances independence
  • Boosts confidence
  • Encourages patience
  • Improves motor function
  • Hones concentration
  • Creates responsibility and accountability
  • Helps instill a work ethic
  • Serves as a precursor to employment
  • Fosters a sense of participation and contribution
  • Promotes a sense of accomplishment
  • Treats a child with disabilities equally
  • Strengthens bonds with siblings, other family members, or pets
  • It’s helpful to you, too!

Chore Options for Kids with Developmental Disabilities

Again, you’ll need to carefully consider your child’s abilities and developmental age when coming up with a list of household chores. Create daily and weekly charts to help your son or daughter remember their tasks. Leave spaces to mark them off as they’re completed for motivation and a sense of accomplishment, and be sure to follow up with an allowance or other rewards when the week’s work is done.

Here are some chore possibilities, listed in a generalized way from most appropriate for the youngest to the oldest kids:

  • Putting away toys and books
  • Putting dirty laundry in the hamper
  • Throwing away garbage
  • Dusting baseboards
  • Tidying their bedroom
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants
  • Feeding pets
  • Dusting low surfaces
  • Helping set the table to fully setting it
  • Drying dishes
  • Putting dishes away
  • Gathering trash and recycling
  • Folding and putting away laundry
  • Replenishing toilet paper
  • Making their bed
  • Sweeping hard floors
  • Helping with snack or meal preparation
  • Helping carry in and put away groceries
  • Getting the mail
  • Light yard work
  • Doing laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Increased assistance with house cleaning
  • Taking garbage and recycling to the curb

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