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Crafts with Peggy & Don

Crafts with Peggy & Don

Interview by Candy Dawson

Q: Peggy and Don Bean,  What made you decide to volunteer at Noah’s Landing?

We love being around the residents.  They are so enthusiastic about learning.  Watching the residents accomplish a project and see their excitement. That makes us happy.  They are happy, we as parents are happy.

Q:  What is your background in crafts?

We had a craft shop in VT.  Our sons designed and made crafts — Brian made puzzles with the jig saw and David and made pull toys.  Don, he loves wood.  He made beautiful train toys and wood decorations. I made musical clowns, anything with nature — pinecones, grapevines, Balsam wreaths. Don would come home from and I would have pine cones baking in the oven ( kill bugs). Soaking grape vines in the tub.  He never knew what to expect. I had to make sure we did not have any contamination because we shipped our crafts all over the world. Certain states had rules.  I had many different craft classes with teachers, seniors and children.

Q:  How long have you been offering the class and how often?

We have been having classes for about 2 years.  Our class is the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 10:00 a.m. to 12.  The past two years around the holidays, we were doing classes every Fri. but that may not be possible this year.

Q:  Where do you get all of the materials you use?

We get our materials from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Oriental Trading, Dollar Store and left overs from my craft shop.

Q:  What are the best things about doing this class for you?

To see the residents being so proud of what they have accomplished.

Q:  What are the best things about this class for the residents?


Q:   Can you give us some examples of specific times when a certain activity really made a difference in someone’s enthusiasm/sense of accomplishment?

When they stenciled their shirt with a heart and the American flag. They were also very proud of the wooden American flag they painted.

Q:  Have you seen growth in some of the individuals’ abilities?

Yes, following directions, helping one another, the quality of their work and they love to make projects for other people.

Q:   What are some of the projects they have done?

Stencil shirts for Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  Quilt, flower pens, American flag they painted on wood for The Fourth of July.

Q:   Is there anything that you could use to help with the class in the future?

Volunteers, because some need one on one. We also need wood scraps for future projects.


Peggy and Don, thank you so much for doing what you do and doing it SO well.  I am grateful to be a volunteer helping you whenever I can along with Miss Sharyn.  It is always a delightful experience and I am amazed at the perseverance and attention to detail exhibited by our sons and daughters. It makes my day every time!!


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