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Finding the Right Housing Solution

Finding the Right Housing Solution

Choosing a residential program can be a complex decision involving several factors – here are a few things for families to consider…

Apartment or Group Home

Is an apartment or group home best for your family member?  Do they prefer privacy or a roommate?  Is the place adapted to your loved one’s individual needs?


Are meals provided?  How are they planned and prepared and is it staff driven or resident led?


Is there a transportation system for the residents?

Friends & Family Visits

What is the policy for friends and family to visit residents?  Are residents allowed to spend the night elsewhere?


What are the values, attitudes and behaviors of current residents?  Does it feel like your loved one would fit in nicely?  What are the guiding principles of the residential program?


Is the location near schools, work, stores or family?


If a resident is not his/her own guardian, who advocates and makes decisions on his/her behalf?

Residential Program(s)

Is there a residential program?  What is the cost and does it provide meaningful activities?


Does your loved one require assistance with administering medication, scheduling/attending doctor appointments and follow-through on recommendations?  Does the facility provide these services and, if so, what is the cost?

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