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Five Things You May Not Know About Tourette Syndrome

Five Things You May Not Know About Tourette Syndrome

There are many misbeliefs about Tourette syndrome (or Tourette for short) that make life harder for people with the condition. Knowing the facts can help you understand what it is like to have Tourette.

Tourette syndrome is a condition that affects the brain and nerves, causing people to make repeated movements and sounds, also known as motor and vocal tics, that they cannot control. The symptoms usually begin in childhood, can vary from mild to severe, and change over time. Tourette can cause problems for children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Education can help reduce negative beliefs about Tourette, improve access to health care, ensure a timely diagnosis, and ultimately help children with Tourette lead healthy and productive lives.

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12 Ways to Support your Friend with Tourette’s

Tourette syndrome can be a difficult topic to talk about, both for the individuals who have it and for those interacting with them. But as with any other disorder, it is important not to ignore it, and instead, to familiarize oneself with it and treat it naturally.

If you ever come across someone with this disorder, but especially if you have a friend with Tourette’s (or a family member, co-worker, or even just an acquaintance), it’s important that you learn what makes them feel comfortable and what doesn’t.

These are the 12 ways to support your friend with Tourette syndrome:

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