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Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Strategies in Older Adults with IDD

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Strategies in Older Adults with IDD

Frontiers in Public Health Review Article

According to the guidelines published in “Frontiers in Public Health” in April of 2014, older adults with IDD, are encouraged to participate in a minimum of 150 minutes per week of age-appropriate moderate-to-low intensity exercise.  The report suggests that when group activities are combined with exercise and social interaction, it could enhance your loved ones’ enjoyment and motivation…

The rapid growth in the number of individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) along with their increased longevity present challenges to those concerned about health and well-being of this unique population. While much is known about health promotion and disease prevention in the general geriatric population, far less is known about those in older adults with IDD. Effective and efficient health promotion and disease prevention strategies need to be developed and implemented for improving the health and quality of life of older adults living with IDD. This is considered to be challenging given the continued shrinkage in the overall health care and welfare system services due to the cut in the governmental budget in some of the western countries. The ideal health promotion and disease prevention strategies for older adults with IDD should be tailored to the individuals’ health risks, address primary and secondary disease prevention, and prevent avoidable impairments that cause premature institutionalization. Domains of intervention should include cognitive, mental and physical health, accommodations, workplace considerations, assistive technology, recreational activities, and nutrition.

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