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Knights of Columbus to the Rescue!

Knights of Columbus to the Rescue!

We are thrilled to have such wonderful support from Knights of Columbus.

Founder parent, Mickie Brown, received a message from one of our residents – “would you have an extra wheelchair for me to use because the one I’m using isn’t safe it doesn’t have tippy bars or foot pedals.  The wheelchair I’m using now is not safe the brakes are not good and I almost fell”.

Mickie immediately reached out to her friend at Knights of Columbus and within a few hours Celina was the proud owner of a new wheelchair.  The pictures below show Celina and her friend Matt driving to meet Stan and collect her new yellow wheelchair. The wheelchair needs to have the foot peddles raised up to fit her better, but other than that Celina is thrilled…

Thank you Grand Knight Stan Saisa, Knights of Columbus, St Joseph Chapter


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