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Life at Noah’s Landing

Life at Noah’s Landing

Ask our residents what they enjoy most about living at Noah’s Landing

and chances are their reply will be “spending time with friends” or “taking part in activities”.  Before moving to Noah’s Landing, many of our residents lived at home with family or alone in an apartment complex.  While moving into our community presents challenges to many new residents and their families, we see them grow and develop skills that their family members did not realize they could achieve.

Parents and family members see their loved one become more outgoing and willing to take part in new experiences that they may not have tried at home.  Residents LOVE to help each other as they navigate through many basic life skills – laundry, taking out the garbage,  grocery shopping, gardening, cooking etc..

A typical week at Noah’s Landing offers residents the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities and events such as yoga, bowling, basketball, hanging out with friends, trips out to venues such as MOSI, the movies or local mall.  Things that so many of us take for granted and almost a chore, our residents see as a positive and exciting event.to share and enjoy with friends…

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