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Living a Life with No Limits – a message from ABLE United

Living a Life with No Limits – a message from ABLE United

Learn how to save in a Tax-Advantaged Account

One in ten Floridians have a disability, but it’s not holding you back from pursuing your hopes and dreams to find a meaningful career, go to college, buy your first car or travel the world – all of which start with the opportunity to save money.

Saving in a tax-advantaged ABLE United account is a new concept for many, but with an ABLE account, you have a way to save for a better live experience:

— Save what and when you can for disability related expenses, including health, education, housing, transportation and much more

— Save while maintaining eligibility for public benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid

— Save with the help of family, friends and others through our enhanced gifting page.

Throughout the month of February, ABLE United is celebrating you and how you are pushing the boundaries not only in your lives, but in your communities. In doing so, you are no longer choosing to be defined by a physical or mental condition but embracing it, breaking out of societal norms and sharing your talents and passions with others.

The No Limits Campaign celebrates just that. But most importantly, it showcases how account holders are Achieving a Better Life Experience through ABLE United.

The best part is – when you enroll in a new account during the month of February and complete enrollment by depositing at least $25, you’ll receive a $50 account contribution.

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