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New Remote Support Routines for Adults with IDD

New Remote Support Routines for Adults with IDD

10 Ways to Keep Residents Engaged during COVID019

For adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, day programs, activities and other services can provide necessary structure and community support.  And with physical locations closed, caregivers and support staff are rising to meet the challenges of providing some stability during the pandemic with daily phone call check-ins and online group activities.

An article by Stephanie Anderson for National Apartment Association provides some great ideas on keeping residents engaged during this difficult time…

  1. Host an online book club.  Let residents vote on a book to read online or listen to on a platform like Audible.
  2. Utilize the power of technology with daily or weekly check-ins.  Use social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook Live, for example.
  3. Consider gifting subscriptions to Disney+ or Netflix
  4. Encourage healthy competition at an online game center.
  5. Encourage your residents to continue putting their health at the forefront by recommending online fitness apps.
  6. Create a photo scavenger hunt online
  7. Design your own community potluck cookbook
  8. Send out daily trivia to residents
  9. Make a music playlist on a platform, such as Spotify, to share with residents
  10. Share online learning websites

CLICK HERE for more detail on the ideas listed above

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