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Noah’s Landing Art Project

Noah’s Landing Art Project

Our residents are passionate about art…

Landing parent, Catherine Cozzy recognized that a number of our residents had a passion for art. Cindy Bauman and Catherine purchased nine canvasses, paint and brushes. Taryn, and Catherine’s husband David penciled the image onto the canvases. Taryn and Catherine mixed the colors so the different canvas would have the same color veggies. The residents shared canvases so panels were consistent regardless of each residents skill level.  The goal was to bring groups together for a kitchen/art project and would be a gift to Chef Terri. Every artist worked at their own pace. Catherine worked with them one on one and taught them new technics. Every single resident contributed to the art.

Catherine’s daughter Maddie, Maggie, Elizabeth, Ashley, Amanda, Chris, Yendi and Steven were the residents that produced this amazing piece of art that can be enjoyed at the landing for years to come.

A big “thank you” to all that contributed to this wonderful project – we know that staff and residents alike will enjoy the colorful piece of art for a long time to come…

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