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Recreational Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Recreational Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The importance of recreation for individuals with disabilities is well documented.  When we think about caregiving, we often first focus on the essentials: making sure that our loved one is healthy, eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking medications properly. But as we know, a full life is made up of more than just these basics. Recreation and socialization add meaning and richness to everyone’s life.  For individuals with physical and developmental disabilities it is especially important to find safe, comfortable and fun activities.   Camps and summer activities provide an opportunity to learn problem-solving skills, make social adjustments to new and different people, learn responsibility and gain new skills to increase self-esteem.

Participation in recreational activities with others can lead to increases in:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Morale
  • Life satisfaction

Physical benefits of recreation can include:

  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Increase in sense of well being
  • Increase in flexibility, balance and coordination

Listed below are three of the many organizations offering campers the opportunity to relax, socialize and have fun.  Quest Inc’s Camp Thunderbird, Camp Joy and Easterseals offer campers the opportunity to participate in many different activities regardless of the mental ability of the camper. Overnight sessions provide parents and guardians a break from the demands of 24-hour caregiving.

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Note – some dates may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions…

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