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Remembering Cindy Thielemann

Remembering Cindy Thielemann

We  mourn the passing of one of our long time, very hard working and truly dedicated volunteers, Cindy Thielemann. Cindy, along with her husband Joe, were one of our core families in the very early and very lean years. They shared their many talents with Noah’s Ark to help us realize our dream. Their time and devotion to our mission is certainly a part of the reason Noah’s Ark residents have a place to call home, either at the Landing, the Nest or Melody Lane.

Cindy served for many years on the Application Screening Committee. All of us who have had the privilege to serve on that committee understand the responsibility and importance of that job. Cindy was very mindful of the impact this job had on the lives of the residents and their families. From the time we were awarded the 14+ million dollars to build the Landing till move in day many hours were spent in the interview process. Cindy showed up in the evening after working her day job running their trucking company business.

Cindy and Joe have a daughter, CJ.  Princess CJ, full of beautiful smiles, was Cindy and Joe’s motivation to to join Noah’s Ark. Due to the level of care CJ needs Noah’s Ark is presently not an option. Cindy worked hard knowing all that work may not serve her daughter in the first phase. As her friend of 34 years,

Cindy and Joe were responsible for Noah’s Ark receiving funds from the Polk County Roofers Association annual clay shoot.  Cindy was also part of the Polk County Cattle Woman’s Association that invited our members to attend their annual rodeo as guests.



Lori Kendrick Smith-Addleman (Michael’s mom), said, “Cindy was a very selfless person, always put others before herself. She loved the Lord, her husband and CJ with all her heart. She was a huge advocate for those with special needs. She believed in the vision of Noah’s Ark. She gave countless hours of dedicated service even though she knew it could be years, if ever, anything would come available to meet her daughter’s needs. She started a special needs Sunday school and picked up those who had no transportation. It was important to her that they know the Lord.  Her legacy, Mathew25: 40-45, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ She was mighty strong way beyond her size.”

Lauren Gossen (Phil’s stepmom), former committee chair of the Application Screening Committee remembers  Cindy, “ I truly admired her. She was a friend, a woman of faith, strength, kindness, perseverance, commitment and one who had a servant’s heart. I know she was a Christian and she is in Heaven.”

I know all those thoughts are absolutely true. I trusted, valued and respected Cindy’s thoughtful honesty and opinion. If there was a job to be done Cindy rolled up her sleeves and got to work. All Cindy did came from a place of goodness and love. She is now the Beautiful Angel we all knew she was here on earth.

by Margaret McNutt


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