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September 21 – September 27




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Important Update - Tropical Storm Laura

We are all preparing for Tropical Storm Laura. While it’s too soon to know the exact impact on our area early next week, there is a chance that heavy rainfall and strong winds could reach Lakeland. This storm could likely turn into a hurricane, and we want to make every effort to make sure we are prepared, just in case.

Make sure you are armed with a Hurricane Toolkit, including but not limited to water, batteries, food, flashlight, etc. Residents who will remain in the community should be mindful of getting their meals ordered for next week. If you do not typically order an evening meal, you may want to consider that option and contact Katie (receptionist) with your order. 

The Clubhouse will be available on Monday evening (for emergency shelter) if needed. 

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September 14 – 18


Safety Week with your RA’s

First aid, Fire safety,
Natural Disaster Safety,
Stranger Danger, and more.





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