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Safe Mobility for Life Coalition – Resources

Safe Mobility for Life Coalition – Resources

The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Safe Mobility for Life Coalition is helping Floridians achieve lifelong mobility independence with Beyond the Driver’s Seat. The goal of Beyond the Driver’s Seat is to educate aging drivers on how to find all the transportation options available in their communities and empower them to practice and take advantage of these opportunities.

Public Transit

Tips on How to Use Transportation Options in Florida: Tackling transit is easier than many aging drivers realize, and it comes with many benefits. This booklet walks users through the many benefits of riding transit and how to safely do so.

Transit Ready Kit

What do you need when you ride transit and why do you need it? This print-ready Transit Kit helps older adults better prepare for their transit trips by recommending items to bring, from face coverings and hand sanitizer to navigation tools and entertainment.

How to Use Find a Ride Florida

This tip card helps older adults navigate FindaRideFlorida.org, an online listing of transportation service providers in Florida, including public transit, community transportation coordinators, mobility managers, travel trainers, and other transportation providers.

Florida’s Guide to Safe Mobility for Life

This workbook was developed to help Floridians understand the impacts of aging on driving, drive safely as they age, and achieve mobility independence beyond the driver’s seat. To download or order print copies of the tip cards and booklets, visit the coalition’s Resource Center. These materials can be distributed through travel training programs and other local events.

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