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About The Villages at Noah's Landing

An enriching planned residential community for people with developmental disabilities

The Villages at Noah’s Landing opened in mid 2016. It’s an awesome community with one, two, three, and four-bedroom shared apartments.  Each resident enjoys the privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom . The master plan emphasizes sustainability and harmony with nature. Residents can choose to enjoy a variety of rewarding lifestyle offerings, including education, arts, a training center, daily activities, an accessible pool, walking trails, and an optional dining room.


Most residents are individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability. They share the same basic needs and wants as their non-disabled peers. However, they often process their thoughts and express their needs differently or at a slower rate.


Noah’s Landing is designed much like a retirement community, offering an array of social, recreational, educational, and vocational opportunities for residents, their caregivers, and their families. And, because this is intended to be a lifelong residential community, we strive to support evolving personal care needs as residents age.


About 95% of residents don’t drive, the pedestrian-friendly community’s road system runs mostly around the periphery of the housing clusters. Comprised of cozy neighborhoods, the community’s homes face lush greenbelt areas. Front porches overlook a landscaped pathway system with benches for meeting with friends and neighbors. The paths are connected throughout the community, thoughtfully designed to encourage walking, jogging, and bicycling for exercise and to facilitate socialization.


The Noah’s Education, Arts, and Training (NEAT) Center addresses the diverse interests of residents and offers frequent social, recreational, vocational, and educational opportunities. Although each apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen, the NEAT Center includes a dining room where residents can socialize and dine together (optional). There’s also, a high-tech game room, meeting spaces, special events, a stage, and an array of activities. The NEAT Center has been built to meet or exceed emergency evacuation shelter specifications to provide a safe place for our residents during “an event.”


The adjacent property is primarily used for career education and recreation. Future “wish list” amenities include a fishing pier with boat dock on Lake Crago with a screened pavilion nearby, as well as a recreation area with amenities like a kickball field, soccer field, and small camping area with a nature trail through the wooded  areas.


A good number of residents contribute to the community through volunteer efforts while others have been able to find employment in the nearby community.  Future volunteer and employment may include opportunities such as working in the kitchen or dining room, staffing a thrift store, agriculture projects (like a wholesale landscape nursery), a farm yard, or a community-supported agriculture initiative.We expect that a portion of the harvest from a community garden will be used in the kitchen and enjoyed by resident diners. The remainder sold or donated to people in need.


Our vision is for The Villages at Noah’s Landing to provide a small community atmosphere and a transitional stepping stone for individuals who aim to live and/or work within the greater community. It also offers a permanent residential setting for those who seek a more traditional community lifestyle.


One key measure of our success is that residents have realistic choices in deciding where and how they live, work, and play. We believe The Villages at Noah’s Landing can serve as a model that can be replicated nationwide to provide lifestyle choices never thought possible

Housing Costs

Rents at The Villages at Noah’s Landing are determined by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program guidelines. Rents generally range from $306 to $765 per month for each resident (including utilities), depending on the type of unit available/selected and the individual’s income.


General Requirements

Direct support services needed to assist residents with their daily living needs are not provided by The Villages at Noah’s Landing and are not included in the cost of rent.


Applicants must provide an Assessment of Needs (completed by a third-party professional) that clearly defines the type and intensity of support services required by the individual.


An easy way to acquire this is to apply for Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver services through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD). The contact number for the APD’s Central Region Office is (407) 245-0440 extension 640. Your application creates an intake file and prompts completion of a Questionnaire of Situational Information, the APD’s Assessment of Needs tool.


Families must demonstrate how the resident’s support needs will be met (e.g., Med-Waiver services, CDC+, private pay, special-needs trust, or other family support). Parental income is not taken into consideration; only the resident’s income, assumed to be a minimum of the current SSI rate of $783 per month (2020), plus employment income are considered. Food stamps are not included in rent calculations. Written verification of income is required before a prospective resident can be approved.

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