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What’s Next?

When the yellow school bus stops coming to pick their child up in the morning, parents are confronted with a new challenge – “what’s next for my child?”

By age 18 – you should be underway with setting up a Guardianship. Start saving early as this can be an expensive task but an important one. The state of Florida has several options for guardianship.

A Special Needs Trust or Pooled Trust should also be established. These are ways you can save money for your child in case of an emergency or when you and other family members pass away. Some attorneys will do the trust at the same time as a guardianship with no additional fees.

By age 22 – your young adult is aging out of the school system but may still want to be involved in activities and socializing with others. Take a look at our activities calendar for ways your loved one can become involved in a variety of events.

Consider a residential option. While it can be a hard process to “let go” of your loved one it really is something you should work towards as early as possible. We all need help and guidance in order to grow and progress through our lives and your loved one is no different. Take the time to investigate the options and work with your loved one towards independent living – we have found that it truly is a rewarding experience with most parents and caregivers being pleasantly surprised at how well their loved ones integrate and grow within their new surroundings.

Noah’s Ark will help you every step of the way. Most residents move in with mom, dad, sister, brother or friends stopping by daily. After a while your loved one will follow the lead of their housemates and other residents and become more independent. They may well surprise you in how quickly they adapt and grow in their new environment.

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