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Wings of Eagles

Ellen and Dick are longtime volunteers for Noah’s Ark and continue to do more for our residents than we can begin to enumerate. They helped our residents as they volunteered for Agape Food Bank and didn’t drop a beat as Noah’s Landing found a new home at Wings of Eagles Food Bank when Agape closed. They not only help with the work right alongside the residents, they drive the van to get them there and have a keen sense of the growth being made as our sons and daughters become more and more independent and part of the greater community.

The other day I got the nicest note from Ellen–it made my day and I hope when our son Chris reads this it will make his, too.

Chris has been an amazing volunteer for several non-profits in both Lakeland and Orlando. He even received a U.S. Presidential Commendation for his work with Orlando’s “Gift for Teaching” where he served for over 10 years. Chris takes his volunteering seriously and I was pleased that Ellen noticed and dropped me a line.

Ellen says,
“I was proud of Chris for patiently helping a new volunteer at Wings of Eagles. He gave detailed step by step instructions just as needed by the new volunteer.

All of Friday’s happenings were initiated by Chris with no outside prompts. There may have been a request or question from the new person and hewas able to recognize the step by step help needed and followed through. This all happened in a few minutes and as far as I know was not repeated.

As a group they have learned to work with each other’s differences and get their own needs met while we move to the common goal.”

Bravo to Chris and ALL of our residents who work and volunteer throughout the community! And Thank YOU Ellen and Dick Wendel for ALL you do. It truly takes a village as we well know at The Villages at Noah’s Landing.

Story submitted by Candy Dawson

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